Saab, Vu Systems Develop Flight Vision for Zero Visibility Landing

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  • 08:49 AM, October 22, 2019
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Saab, Vu Systems Develop Flight Vision for Zero Visibility Landing

Saab and Vu Systems are launching a Next Generation Enhanced Flight Vision System (EFVS) solution using new passive millimetre wave (PMMW) technology, enabling pilots to see and land in low-visibility conditions at all times.

The EFVS is the first system to provide access to airports in all weathers, without the need for conventional CATII/III infrastructure. In addition, it enables take-off and landing in adverse weather conditions, including zero-visibility environments.

Through a strategic partnership with Vu Systems, who developed the first commercially available PMMW sensor, Vu Cube, the Saab Vu EFVS exceeds the new regulatory performance goals.

It comprises a new, sophisticated PMMW sensor and software that optimizes the sensor images with IR and synthetic vision, projected on the new Saab Head-Up Display (HUD). It enables pilots to land safely regardless of thick fog, snow, rain, smog, dust, smoke and clouds.

“The new system offers unmatched operational and safety advantages. Being able to take-off and land in low to zero-visibility environments radically reduces costs, increases safety and reduces environmental impact,” says Jan Widerström, head of business unit Avionics Systems, within Saab business area IPS.

Saab, Vu Systems Develop Flight Vision for Zero Visibility Landing

Every year, commercial aviation all over the world incurs massive financial losses as a result of delays and cancellations due to low visibility weather.

To provide a solution to the impact of weather on US flight operations, new FAA regulations (14 CFR 91.176) now permit landing without natural vision. The new regulations are performance based, meaning the performance of the EFVS sensor is critical to the operational value. The performance of the current EFVS sensors is limited by the atmospheric attenuation in the infrared band.

The Saab Vu EFVS solution is not affected by weather, enabling pilots to achieve Equivalent Visual Operations (EVO) and see runways at distances of two miles and more in zero-visibility conditions.

“This strategic arrangement with Saab means we can supply this revolutionary technology through a qualified supply chain to larger commercial customers, benefiting the aviation industry globally, by enabling them to take off and land when their competitors cannot,” says Stedman Stevens, CEO at Vu Systems.