Russia Gifts 2 Mi-8MT Helicopters, Early Warning Radars to Kyrgyzstan

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  • 11:37 AM, November 28, 2019
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Russia Gifts 2 Mi-8MT Helicopters, Early Warning Radars to Kyrgyzstan
Mi-8AMT helicopter (Russian Helicopters)

Russia has presented two Mi-8MT multirole helicopters and P-18-2 early warning radars to Kyrgyzstan, as part of inter-governmental agreement to provide military and technical assistance to the latter.

“The military equipment were handed over to the Kyrgyz Armed Forces in a ceremony held in Kant town in the Chui Valley, north Kyrgyzstan,” General Staff of the Kyrgyz Armed Forces was quoted as saying by TASS on Wednesday.

According to the Russian Ministry of Defense, the value of military hardware transferred amounts to over 770 million rubles ($12 million).

Aside of the two rotorcraft and radars, Kyrgyzstan has received nine BRDM armored vehicles, and two military transport planes.

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