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05:55 PM, November 28, 2019
Venezuelan President Maduro Opens Su-30MK2 Simulator
Venezuelan Su-30SM2 aircraft (Image via Wikimedia @André Du-pont)

Venezuelan President Nicolas inaugurated a full-scale simulator of the Su-30МK2 aircraft delivered and mounted by the Sukhoi Company under the contract previously signed between Rosoboronexport and CAVIM (Venezuelan Company of Military Industries).

The opening ceremony of the full-scale simulator in the city of Barcelona today was attended by the Minister of Defense of Venezuela Vladimir Padrino Lopez and representatives of the Federal Service Military-Technical Cooperation of Russia, a Rosoboronexport statement said.

The Simulator is a Russian-built modern technical means of training. The Venezuelan personnel have undergone all necessary training in the rules of operation of the equipment and devices. The Su-30МK2 fighters delivered from Russia are the core of the air force of Venezuela and a guarantor of safety of the country's air space.

The Su-30МK2 aircraft full-scale simulator allows a pilot to master during training his main skills in the aircraft piloting and to acquire necessary experience for effective combat under conditions close to reality, simulating various nonstandard situations, which may occur in flight.

Since 2005, Venezuela has been the largest partner of Russia in Latin America in the sphere of military and technical cooperation.

Over these years, Rosoboronexport has supplied a significant number of Russian weapons and military equipment, including the Su-30МK2 multifunction fighters, combat and transport helicopters of the Mi type, tanks and infantry combat vehicles, missile/gun armament, modern assets of the air defence and Kalashnikov assault rifles.

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