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08:57 AM, December 10, 2019
Denmark to Integrate Kongsberg's Protector RWS On Piranha Military Vehicles
Protector RWS

Danish Ministry of Defence Acquisition and Logistics Organisation (DALO) has contracted Kongsberg for its Protector Remote Weapon Station (RWS) for integration onto the Army's Piranha V 8x8 vehicles.


The contract amounts to 270 MNOK ($29.5 million). The system will be integrated on Denmark’s new fleet of Piranha V 8x8 vehicles. The contract was won in an international competitive bidding process, the company said in a statement.


According to Kongsberg, Protector RWS is designed for small and medium calibre weapons including mounting of coaxial weapons and anti-tank guided missile. An advanced and modular Sensor suite (Day, Night, LRF) enables situational awareness. The fully stabilized 2 + 2 Axis (DLOS) system; enables the gunner to keep his sights on target, independent of ballistic solution for the weapon and ammunition in use. The system is platform-independent and can operate both at land and sea.

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