Rostec Completes Modernization of 203mm 2S7M Malka ‘World’s biggest’ Howitzer

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  • 11:20 AM, April 7, 2020
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Rostec Completes Modernization of 203mm 2S7M Malka ‘World’s biggest’ Howitzer
203mm 2S7M Malka self-propelled gun at Army Forum, Moscow

A subsidiary of Russia's Rostec, Uraltransmash company has completed the overhaul/modernization of the 203mm 2S7M Malka self-propelled gun, claimed to the world’s biggest wheeled artillery howitzer.

As part of the modernization, imported components have been replaced with Russian ones. Gearboxes, distribution mechanisms and power supply units were replaced. Besides, observation devices, intercom equipment and a radio station were updated.

Thanks to modernization, the running characteristics, maneuverability and mobility, command controllability and all the main characteristics of the gun improved. Post modernization, the 2S7M Malka self-propelled gun has successfully passed the full test cycle, Russian MoD TV Channel, tvzvezda reported today.

During the run tests, the characteristics of mobility, reliability of the chassis, power plant and transmission were checked. During the fire tests, the product passed the test of reliability of loading mechanisms, the strength of the 2A44 gun and the ability to control fire.

Now the first model is waiting for its shipment to the Russian armed forces, and Uraltransmash company is ready for serial modernization of the rest of the Malka self-propelled gun 2S7M inventory.

"Malka" is a modernized version of the self-propelled gun 2S7 "Peony," was created in the 1980s and is considered one of the most powerful guns in the world.

The 2S7M Malka is an upgrade of the Soviet-era 2S7 Pion and can carry a total of eight 203 mm projectiles and charges. Its firing rate is 2.5 rds/min and firing data can be directly transmitted to the gun.

This howitzer has an effective range of 37.5 kilometers and supports the use of Rocket-Assisted Projectiles (RAPs) which increases the ranges out to 47 kilometers.

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