Russia Working on New-Generation g-force Pilot Protection Gear

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  • 08:23 AM, April 14, 2020
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Russia Working on New-Generation g-force Pilot Protection Gear
Su-57 fighters

The Russian Ministry of Defense has begun developing a new-generation gear to protect pilots from dynamic, multidirectional g-forces while performing complex maneuvers.

“The ministry’s Research and Testing Center of Aviation and Space Medicine and Military Ergonomics is working on new pilot protective gear, which will involve modern materials and technologies," Igor Zhdanko, Doctor of Medical Science and senior researcher of the medical service, was quoted as saying by Krasnaya Zvezda on Monday.

"The gear will protect the pilot from dynamic multidirectional g-forces during combat maneuvering. These forces pose danger of loss of consciousness, spine injury, increased crash risk and decreased combat effectiveness,” he added.

The facility has laboratories to simulate centrifuge, a hyperbaric chamber and sound-proof isolation chambers (surdochambers). “A large portion of the research is being conducted during real flights on planes and helicopters, equipped with specialized sensors,” the senior researcher said.



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