Data Link Solutions, Viasat Win $2B to provide MIDS JTRS Terminals

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  • 05:45 AM, May 20, 2020
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Data Link Solutions, Viasat Win $2B to provide MIDS JTRS Terminals

Data Link Solutions and Viasat have each been awarded nearly $1 billion by the Pentagon to provide MIDS JTRS terminals that makes use of high-speed jam-resistant Link-16 tactical data exchange network.

The companies won $998.8 million for the production, retrofits, development and sustainment of the Multifunctional Information Distribution System (MIDS) Joint Tactical Radio Systems (JTRS) terminals.

Currently, there are three variants of MIDS JTRS terminals:  the Concurrent Multi-Netting-4, the Tactical Targeting Network Technology and the F-22 variant.

These terminals will continue to be procured, sustained and updated for future growth, including JTRS advanced networking waveforms such as:  multifunction advanced data link, intra-flight data link and other advanced networking waveforms.

The MIDS JTRS terminal is a line-of-sight radio system for collecting and transmitting broadband, jam-resistant, secure data and voice across a variety of air, sea and ground platforms, the Pentagon said in a release Tuesday.

This contract combines purchases for the Navy, Air Force and MIDS Program Office, as well as purchases for NATO and all NATO nations under the FMS program.

Link 16

The Link 16 allows for real-time transfer of combat data, voice communications, imagery, and relative navigation information between dispersed battle elements, using data encryption and frequency hopping to maintain secure communications. The system facilitates the exchange of data over a common communication link, allowing participants to obtain and share situational awareness information and interoperate within the battlespace.

Link 16 information is commonly broadcasted through radio frequency bearers, but it can also distribute information via landlines, satellites, and serial links.

Messages sent via Link 16 can be broadcast simultaneously to as many users as needed.     

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