Denmark to Compensate 1600 Homes Near Airbase for Noise from F-35 Jets

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  • 04:16 PM, June 12, 2020
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Denmark to Compensate 1600 Homes Near Airbase for Noise from F-35 Jets

As Denmark kick-starts preparations to receive its first F-35A Lightning II jet next year, it could compensate 1600 homes around the base where the jets will be flown owing to the additional noise caused.

“A broad political majority consisting of the Left, Conservatives, the Danish People’s Party, the Liberal Alliance, the Radical Left, and the Social Democracy is behind the political agreement to compensate approximately 1,600 homes in the area of the additional noise the F-35 aircraft brings in comparison to the current F-16,” the Ministry of Defense said Thursday.

It is interesting that the F-35 whose main sales pitch is their stealth characteristics, are nearly as noisy as the F16s which are generation old.

In addition, the country’s parliament approved legislation to build dedicated facilities at Skveststrup Flyvestation in Southern Jutland ahead of the commencement of type-operations there in 2023.

“With the Folketing’s [Danish Parliament’s] adoption of the Civil Aviation Administration Skrydstrup Act today, construction of the complex to house the next aircraft can begin. First spades will be taken on on June 15 by Minister of Defense Trine Bramsen and Bjørn Bisserup, Defense Secretary,” the ministry added.

In December 2017, media widely reported noise problems in the Jutland's Skrydstrup area- at least 41 private homes were affected by increased noise levels caused by the F-35.
A year earlier, the Dutch Parliament advised the government to establish permanent noise monitoring systems at Leeuwarden and Volkel bases.

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