S Korean Hanwha Acquires UK based Antenna Developer, PhasorSolutions

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  • 10:46 AM, June 27, 2020
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S Korean Hanwha Acquires UK based Antenna Developer, PhasorSolutions
Phasor Solutions’ Electronically Steerable Antenna

South Korea’s Hanwha Systems recently acquired Phasor Solutions, a UK tech venture for satellite communication antenna technology.

Phasor Solutions develops broadband electronically steerable planar antenna (ESA), that enable high-speed communications in-flight, at sea, or on land. Its R&D efforts have been focused on the design and development of next-generation semi-conductor-based satellite antennas.

Phasor Solutions’ proprietary technologies include flat-antenna-beam steering and semi-conductor chip-design technology required for  transmission/reception (Tx/Rx) controls. By acquiring the business and assets of Phasor Solutions, Hanwha Systems secured Phasor Solutions’ engineers, proprietary technology including technical data and Intellectual Property Rights as well as tangible assets like test equipment, etc.

The acquisition will enable Hanwha Systems to enter into the satellite communication antenna business, where Hanwha Systems’ existing communication and radar technologies can be fully utilized, and securing proprietary technology for Low-Earth-Orbit satellite antenna, thereby strengthening Hanwha Systems’ aerospace system capabilities.

Low-Earth-Orbit satellite communication is one of the next generation technologies, which provides broadband connectivity such as 5G, LTE internet services from the satellites hovering over the Earth. Now, leading US tech giants like Amazon, SpaceX, etc., are scrambling to capture this satellite broadband connectivity business, which does not require any base stations for the internet services.

Phasor Solutions’ satellite antenna technology will be the key to making this happen. They can be installed on almost any type of vehicle – including airplane, ship, train, or vehicle, etc – to enable reliable data connectivity to Low-Earth-Orbit satellites from anywhere in the world.

In particular, since this technology can offer high quality wireless internet services like video streaming on the airplane, and can be used for autonomous vehicle telematics (wireless internet services for vehicles).

Youn Chul Kim, CEO of Hanwha Systems said, “with this acquisition will broaden the existing telecommunications, sensor, ICT (Information & Communication Technology) capabilities to satellite antenna technology base.”

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