Russian Customs Seize "Radioactive" Helicopter in German Cargo

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  • 10:38 AM, July 7, 2020
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Russian Customs Seize
'Radioactive' helicopter seized in Russia (image: Far Eastern Customs Administration)

A German helicopter which emitted radiation level exceeding the standard by 55 times was seized by Russian customs officers at Vladivostok on Tuesday.

“The radiation hazardous cargo (helicopter) arrived from Germany in a container (shipped) to a Russian company,” Asya Berezhnaya, spokeswoman for the Vladivostok Customs, was quoted as saying by TVZvezda, owned by the Russian defense ministry.

Gamma radiation of the rotorcraft was reportedly found to be over 5 microsievert per hour. The report said source of the radiation could have been  emitted from the aircraft’s gearbox and tail rotor gearbox cover.

An accompanying image shows  a helicopter inside a shipping comtainer. It is not clear how the helicopter  could have come into contact with radio active material.

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