Swedish MoD Okays Future Combat Aviation Capability, Artillery Regiment

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  • 12:24 PM, July 7, 2020
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Swedish MoD Okays Future Combat Aviation Capability, Artillery Regiment
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The Swedish Ministry of Defence has green-lighted the future combat aviation capability- the future generation Gripen besides a new artillery regiment.

"By 24 July 2020, the Armed Forces must submit a supplementary budget base for 2021 and adjust its budget base according to the direction specified in the assignment," the MoD said in a release July 7.

Sweden said it has approved the following projects:

* The ability to fire indirectly should be enhanced by establishing a division artillery battalion with fire-tube artillery. The artillery training is placed in Kristinehamn / Villingsberg. Establishment will start in the period 2021-2025 and reach full capacity before 2030.

* On the basis of military strategic motives, a new regiment will be established in Östersund during the period 2026-2030. The regiment will be responsible for training one to two local defense shooting battalions.

* Twelve new fire-tube artillery pieces will be procured for the Divisional Artillery Battalion during the period 2026-2030.

* Heavy coastal robot capability shall be maintained during the period 2021-2025 and until the agreed compensation system has been deployed in the period 2026-2030.

* Preparatory work regarding the future combat aviation capability and the next generation of combat aviation will begin during the defense decision period 2021-2025. Preparations can include: include studies, technology development and demonstrator activities in collaboration with one or more international partners.

* The increased need for staff requires a step-by-step increase in basic training volumes. As with the Swedish Defense Forces' budget base for 2021, 8,000 full-time undergraduates must be trained annually by 2025.

In addition, the country will modernize over a hundred tanks, acquire new warships, and upgrade mine clearance ship Koster.