Jakarta Will Not Walk Away from Su-35 Jet Deal: Indonesian Envoy

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  • 01:30 PM, July 27, 2020
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Jakarta Will Not Walk Away from Su-35 Jet Deal: Indonesian Envoy
Su-35 jet

Indonesia is still committed to a 2018 deal over the purchase of Russian-made Su-35 fighter jets, said Mohamad Wahid Supriyadi, ambassador of Indonesia to Moscow.

Supriyadi said his country "will not walk away from the deal" when asked in an interview by a Russian publication on July 24 whether his country had given in to pressure from the US to abandon the purchase. The contract valued $1.1 billion included delivery of 11 Su-35 fighters.

“It is still going on. Being an independent country, Indonesia has the right to purchase defense equipment from whoever it chooses,” the official added.

A few days ago, Indonesian defense minister wrote to his Austrian counterpart Klaudia Tanner offering to buy their used Eurofighter jets, and received a lot of flak for it in return.

In terms of infrastructure, maintenance, parts and equipment, Indonesia was far better prepared to buy Sukhoi-35. House Commission member Willy Aditya added that the purchase of similar fighters from different manufacturers was considered inefficient and had the potential to inflate the budget. "If you buy a different one, then other expenses for repairs, maintenance, spare parts, and so on will be different. The impact will also be related to the state budget later," he noted.

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