China Tests Air-to-Surface 'Hellfire' Missile from Z-10 Helicopter

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  • 10:24 AM, August 7, 2020
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China Tests Air-to-Surface 'Hellfire' Missile from Z-10 Helicopter
Chinese "Hellfire" missile fired from Z-10 helicopter (image via Twitter)

China has tested a KD-10 laser-guided air-to-surface precision missile from its Z-10 helicopter in a video released on the PLA's WeChat account.

The KD-10 along a new multi-mission radar (MMR) will make the Z-10 as potent as an Apache Helicopter equipped with a Hellfire missile. It is designed strike anti-armor and other targets.

The export version of KD-10 is dubbed BA-7

Upto 8 missiles can be carried at a time. The missile appears in the same class of American AGM-114 Hellfire but without the forward control fins. It also features a semi-active laser seeker believed to have been derived from the one used by Russian Krasnopol 152mm laser-guided projectile (CEP≤3m). Therefore the missile is not fire-and-forget.

China Tests Air-to-Surface 'Hellfire' Missile from Z-10 Helicopter

It has been speculated that an MMW seeker is being developed for KD-10, coupled with the new mast mounted MMW radar being tested on Z-19.

KD-10 can also be fired from Z-9WZ attack helicopter, Mi-17V5 transport helicopter and Wing Loong I/Wing Loong II UCAV, suggesting it has replaced the old KD-8 ATGM.

Some specifications (KD-10): length 1,775mm, diameter 170mm, weight 46kg, range 2,000-7,000m, armor penetration 1,400mm. Recent reports suggest that a next generation stand-off ATGM is being developed for Z-10/Z-19, featuring multiple guidance modes.

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