Czech Republic to Modernize 30 T-72M4CZ Tanks

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  • 09:43 AM, September 18, 2020
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Czech Republic to Modernize 30 T-72M4CZ Tanks

The Czech Ministry of Defense has decided to axe plans of procuring western tanks and will be modernizing the T-72M4CZ tanks already in service.

In 2017, The Czech MoD had announced plans to replace the T-72M4CZ at the expense of the EU defense fund which never was allocated. The contenders for the task were the German Leopard 2 and the Israeli Sabra, (a modernized version of the American M60AZ tank).

The MoD wants to upgrade 27 T-72M4CZ MBTs, 3 T-72M4CZ command vehicles, and 3 VT-72M4CZ recovery vehicles. The tanks will receive new fire control the communications systems. The Czech military department reported that the modernization of the tanks should take place until 2025, and their service life will last until at least 2030.

The T-72M4CZ is a Czech modification of the Soviet T-72M main battle tank, an export version of the T-72A. The tank is equipped with the Italian TURMS-T fire control system, DYNA-72 reactive armor. The tank is equipped with a 1000-horsepower CV-12 turbocharged engine and automatic transmission in the form of a single monoblock. The maximum speed is 61 km / h. The power reserve is 430 km.