China Using Music Warfare Tactic from 206 B.C. to Psych Indian Troops

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  • 10:28 AM, September 18, 2020
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China Using Music Warfare Tactic from 206 B.C. to Psych Indian Troops

China is using a military warfare tactic from 206 B.C. in playing Punjabi songs from loudspeakers to Indian soldiers along the disputed border in the Ladakh region.

During the war between Chu and Han kingdoms (206 B.C- 202 B.C) in which Han soldiers sang Chu folk songs to distract Chu warriors and won a war they were certain to lose.

Indian troops setting up a round-the-clock observation post at the Finger 4 area of the along the LAC near Pangong Tso have been subjected to listen to Punjabi music played on loudspeakers from the Chinese side according to the Indian media.

A majority of all Indian Army soldiers converse in Hindi and Punjabi. It is possible that Chinese soldiers may have overheard Indian troops humming songs in Hindi or Punjabi in the past and are trying to show Indian troops that they are not under worried about recent developments, reports said.

Referring to the Punjabi song incident, Chinese government mouthpiece Global Times said the Indian army is in a situation of "hearing Chu songs on four sides." This apparently is a message to India that the Indian army is isolated and besieged.

Just before the 1962 war with India, the Chinese army played Bollywood/Hindi songs as an intimidation tactic and also to demonstrate that they knew the Indian language.

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