Northrop to Provide Coyote Supersonic Targets to Japan, US Navy

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  • 04:22 AM, November 4, 2020
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Northrop to Provide Coyote Supersonic Targets to Japan, US Navy
GQM-163A Coyote supersonic sea skimming targets.

The U.S. Navy and Japan will be receiving GQM-163A Coyote supersonic sea skimming targets under a new contract signed with Northrop Grumman.

The contract is valued $57 million. It provides for the manufacture and delivery of 19 full rate production Lot 14 GQM-163A Coyote supersonic sea skimming targets; 16 for the Navy and three for the government of Japan.


Work is expected to be completed in December 2023.

The GQM-163A Coyote supersonic sea skimming target is designed to provide a cost-effective target to simulate supersonic sea-skimming and other emerging supersonic anti-ship cruise missiles, support research into ship defense systems, and support fleet training exercises.

The target missile design integrates a four-inlet, solid-fuel ducted rocket ramjet propulsion system into a compact missile airframe 18 feet long and 14 inches in diameter. Ramjet supersonic takeover speed is achieved using a decommissioned Navy MK 70 solid rocket motor for the first stage. Rail-launched from Navy test and training ranges, the highly maneuverable GQM-163A Coyote achieves cruise speeds of Mach 2.5+ following the separation of the MK 70 first-stage booster. The range of the target vehicle system is approximately 50 nautical miles at altitudes of less than 20 feet above the sea surface.

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