Russian Military Shoots Down Bear, Cub After they Jump on to Nuclear Submarine

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  • 08:08 AM, November 9, 2020
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Russian Military Shoots Down Bear, Cub After they Jump on to Nuclear Submarine
Bear and her cub sitting on Russian Navy submarine (Image via Twitter)

The Russian military reportedly shot a bear and her cub after the animals leaped onto a submarine near Kamchatka village of Rybachiy.

"A bear with a bear cub entered the pier area of ​​the Pacific Fleet's submarine forces on the deck of one of the nuclear submarines. The animals swam over Krasheninnikov Bay and climbed onto the submarine," an official from the Pacific Fleet Information Support Department was quoted as saying by Interfax today.

The bear was spotted several times in recent days near the protected area.

"To neutralize wild animals that pose a danger to humans, as it should be in such situations, a hunting instructor of the Elizovsky region of the closed administrative-territorial formation Vilyuchinsk was called, who, using specialized hunting weapons, shot the bears,"  the official added.

The forestry agency of the Kamchatka Territory revealed that since the beginning of the year, more than 50 aggressive bears have been killed in the region, the report said.

In January 2019, apolar bear hopped onto a Russian nuclear submarine while searching for food north of Norwegian Svalbard islands in the Arctic.


There were 120 sailors onboard the Delta IV vessel when it surfaced to get rid of bags of rubbish.

The bear, sitting close to the submarine, starts to cross thick ice and leans in to get a closer look. Sailors were told to stay below deck while the bear had a sniff around their vessel.

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