Bahrain, Czech Republic Order AH-1Z Targeting Sight Systems

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  • 06:05 AM, January 28, 2021
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Bahrain, Czech Republic Order AH-1Z Targeting Sight Systems
Target Sight System (TSS) equipped on AH-1Z Viper helicopter

Lockheed Martin has won a $50 million contract to provide AN/AAQ-30A Target Sight Systems (TSS) to Bahrain and Czech Republic.

 This modification adds scope for the production and delivery of 19 AN/AAQ-30A Target Sight Systems; 14 for the government of Bahrain and five for the government of the Czech Republic, a U.S. DoD release today said.

Work is expected to be completed in January 2023.

AN/AAQ-30A Target Sight Systems (TSS)

The AN/AAQ-30 TSS comprises a large-aperture midwave infrared sensor, color TV camera, laser designator and rangefinder with eyesafe mode, and on-gimbal inertial measurement unit integrated into a stabilized turret.

The turret mounts to the nose of the aircraft via the Lockheed Martin-developed aircraft interface structure.

The TSS provides target identification and tracking, passive targeting for integrated weapons such as Hellfire missiles, and a laser designation capability supporting U.S. and allied laser-guided weapons.

Features of the TSS include an 8.55-inch aperture, midwave staring FLIR with four fields-of-view, multi-mode and multi-target tracker with coast-through-obscuration capability; gimbal stabilized to less than 15 microradians; on-gimbal inertial measurement unit for reduced image blur due to jitter; multi-mode multi-target tracker; image processing; high-magnification continuous-zoom color TV camera with field-of-view matched to the FLIR; and cooled 640-by-512-pixel indium antimonide detector.

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