U.S. Army Procures Chinook Aircraft Engines

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  • 04:57 AM, March 9, 2021
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U.S. Army Procures Chinook Aircraft Engines
T55 engine

The U.S. Army today awarded a $476 million contract to Honeywell for CH-47 Chinook aircraft T55 engines.

The contract covers T55 turboshaft engines, CH-47 aircraft T55 engine electronic control units, and CH-47 aircraft T55 engine installation kits.

At its introduction, the T55 produced 1,600 shaft horsepower (SHP). Several decades and generations of development later, today’s T55 produces 4,800 SHP and powers the CH-47 Chinook to a maximum speed of 196 mph (170 knots). The latest configuration T55-714 delivers 22% more power and uses 7% less fuel than its predecessor.

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