China to Start Exporting HQ-17AE Field Air Defense Missile

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  • 09:24 AM, March 9, 2021
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China to Start Exporting HQ-17AE Field Air Defense Missile
HQ-17AE troop-accompanying field air defense missile system (via Chinese state media)

China has cleared the HQ-17AE troop-accompanying field air defense missile system, dubbed “low altitude aircraft hunter,” for export.

Developed by the Second Academy of China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation (CASIC), the made-for-export HQ-17AE has a series of high performance parameters and is integrated with many advanced technologies. It is capable of intercepting high-performing targets and resisting saturation attack, while also integrating all functions into one vehicle equipped with a wheeled, off-road chassis for high mobility, state-owned Global Times reported citing CASIC.

The HQ-17AE uses advanced technologies including an all-solid state phased array radar, vertical cold launch missile system, direct force fast turn system and rotatable tail wings, giving the air defense missile system a fast reaction time and capability of adapting to complicated electromagnetic environments on the battlefield, its developer said, noting that the vehicle can launch while moving, and can interconnect with other vehicles into a network in combat.

China to Start Exporting HQ-17AE Field Air Defense Missile

The system can intercept not only fixed wing aircraft, armed helicopters, drones, tactical air-to-ground missiles, anti-radiation air-to-ground missiles and subsonic cruise missiles, but also more challenging targets such as stealth aircraft, supersonic cruise missiles and rockets.

The vehicle can run at a maximum of 90kmph, and at 25kmph when it is engaged in combat, as per a China Central Television (CCTV) report.

Each HQ-17AE vehicle can carry eight missiles, and is capable of guiding four missiles in attacking four targets simultaneously, as it has outstanding capability in intercepting multiple targets.

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