Chinese Army Commissions New Type of Infantry Fighting Vehicle

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  • 04:16 AM, March 19, 2021
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Chinese Army Commissions New Type of Infantry Fighting Vehicle
New type of IFV commissioned by the Chinese military recently.

The Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA)’s 81st Group Army brigade recently inducted a new tracked armored infantry fighting vehicle.

PLA Daily reported that a commissioning ceremony for a batch of the new equipment was held recently.

The IFV appears to be the third generation Mengshi off-road wheeled assault vehicle and a type of tracked armored vehicle. It was never seen before. The curled reinforced ribs on its sides, a machine gun and two sets of smoke launching devices, make it a lightly armed vehicle. However, this allows the vehicle to have a larger interior space and a reasonable production cost, Global Times reported citing Shanghai-based

The vehicle’s main function could be transport of infantry troops.

Judging from the photos released with the PLA Daily report, the new armored vehicle is likely developed based on the chassis of the upgraded version of the Type 89 tracked armored fighting vehicle.

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