Russia May Deliver Orion-E Drones to Armenia

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  • 10:15 AM, April 8, 2021
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Russia May Deliver Orion-E Drones to Armenia
Orion MALE attack-reconnaissance drone at Army-2020 expo

Russia could export unmanned aerial vehicles to other countries including Orion-E drones to Armenia.

"As of today, we are offering a number of UAVs for exports, in particular, the Orion-E reconnaissance system with a long-duration flight capability. In case of the corresponding requests from the Armenian side, we are ready to consider them in accordance with the established procedure," Valeria Reshetnikova, spokeswoman for Federal Service for Military and Technical Cooperation, was quoted as saying by government-owned TASS on Wednesday.

The Orion is a medium-altitude, long-duration drone with a maximum take-off weight of 1 tonne and a maximum payload weight of 200 kg.

The updated Orion compares with America’s MQ-1 Predator drone built by General Atomics.

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In its reconnaissance-only version designated Orion-E, the drone is intended for day-and-night aerial ISR missions, says the official promotional paper of Kronstadt. Orion-E is capable of performing aerial intelligence, reconnaissance and surveillance; target detection and tracking; aerial mapping; strike damage assessment; radar survey; SIGINT/COMINT. The EO/IR system implements ground targets search and detection in infrared and visible spectrum.

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