Turkish Micro-Surveillance UAV 'Saka' Makes First Flight

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  • 08:52 AM, May 20, 2021
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Turkish Micro-Surveillance UAV 'Saka' Makes First Flight
Saka micro UAV @Turkish state media

Turkish firm Aselsan announced that test flights of the Saka micro UAV for surveillance operations have been successful.

The Saka system weighs around 600 grams and utilizes a 3-axis gimbal. It was developed for exploration and surveillance purposes, Yusuf Ziya Kotil, a project manager from Aselsan, told state-owned Anadolu Agency earlier this week.

Saka is easily transportable and offers camouflage, ability to work in closed spaces, caves and similar environments, and meets the need for a shorter range of image transfer.

Aselsan wants to produce a lighter version of Saka. "At the end of this year, for the first time in Turkey, we will be introducing a version of Saka weighing less than 500 grams with different features, including original flight controller and image processing unit hardware and software, and data link system," the official added.

The aircraft can take off automatically without the need for manual intervention. "We plan to outperform foreign products in the market with its customizable flight controller and ground control station software infrastructure, data link system that is resistant to electronic warfare threats, and a herd UAV infrastructure," he noted.

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