Ukrainian Mariupol City Wants Israeli "Iron Dome" to Protect Airport

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  • 06:03 AM, June 12, 2021
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Ukrainian Mariupol City Wants Israeli
Israeli Iron Dome intercepting Hamas rockets @IDF

The authorities of Ukraine’s Mariupol city are planning to buy Iron Dome system from Israel to protect its airport.

Mariupol International Airport, located just 5km from the city, was closed in June 2014, due to the escalation of an armed conflict. The airport is situated on the extreme south-eastern part of Ukraine near the border with Russia.

Deputy Mayor of Mariupol Sergei Zakharov said that all the necessary security measures must be taken so the airport could be reopened. “For security, the Israelis use the Iron Dome tactical defense system. This practice can be adopted by us,” Zakharov was quoted as saying by

The Iron Dome reportedly shot down over 90% of the rockets fired by Hamas during the recent bloody 11-day war.

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