U.S. Army Asks BAE Systems to Support Armored Multi-Purpose Vehicles

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  • 08:00 AM, July 9, 2021
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U.S. Army Asks BAE Systems to Support Armored Multi-Purpose Vehicles
Armored Multi-Purpose Vehicle

BAE Systems won a U.S. Army contract worth up to $600 million to support their fleet of Armored Multi-Purpose Vehicles (AMPV) over the next five years.

The AMPV comes in five variants designed to execute a broad set of missions while operating on the front lines.

BAE Systems is currently in low-rate production for the AMPV program, and has delivered at least one of each of the five variants designed for the family of vehicles. This sustainment contract allows for adding new capabilities and technologies on AMPVs throughout their time in service.

The U.S. Army received the first Medical Treatment AMPV in December, marking the delivery of at least one of each variant to the Army. The first production AMPV was a Mission Command variant delivered last year. The other variants in the AMPV family include:

  • The General Purpose vehicle, which operates throughout the battle space to conduct resupply, maintenance, and alternate casualty evacuation from point of injury;
  • The Mortar Carrier, which provides immediate, and responsive, heavy mortar fire support to the ABCT in the conduct of fast-paced offensive operations; and,
  • The Medical Evacuation vehicle, which enables immediate treatment or evacuation at the point of injury to either ambulatory or litter casualties.
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