French Start-up to Develop Simulator that Accurately Mimics Enemy Missile Launch

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  • 03:49 AM, July 21, 2021
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French Start-up to Develop Simulator that Accurately Mimics Enemy Missile Launch
Short range missile launch: Image for reference

A French Director General Armaments (DGA)-supported start-up, Hybrid Propulsion For Space (HyPr Space) has developed  an innovative  solution making it possible to visually simulate the launch of an enemy surface-to-air missile by generating smoke of  the precise amount as seen during an actual launch.

Operational missions at low and medium altitude in hostile territory now expose air forces to a more dangerous ground-to-air threat. The increasingly complex and realistic training scenarios require the ability to visually simulate the departure of a surface-to-air missile. With the solution proposed by HyPr Space,  soldiers responsible for providing air support will be able to train in the rapid detection of enemy missile fire.

The DGA signed  a contract with HyPr Space to further develop the missile launch simulator which  will provide the Air and Space forces with a training system for detecting missile fire that is faster, easier to use and non-polluting.

Currently, the simulation of a surface-to-air missile is based on pyrotechnic systems, which can only be used on firing ranges and according to very strict security rules.

The innovative solution proposed by the start-up is based on a system that generates white smoke generated by a non-pyrotechnic propulsion system with no CO2 emissions. It will now allow air crews to have a simpler, more economical and safer way to train in enemy missile detection.

The equipment will be more suited to current very short range ground-to-air threats and includes a parachute whose opening is automatically triggered at altitude to ensure a non-destructive impact on the ground.

The contract provides for in-flight demonstrations with the supply of an operational prototype from early 2022 on the Captieux military air base in the Landes.

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