Chinese CR500 Helicopter Drone Wins Export Order

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  • 05:05 AM, September 13, 2021
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Chinese CR500 Helicopter Drone Wins Export Order
CR500 Golden Eagle drone with missiles

China’s state run China North Industries Group Corporation Limited (NORINCO) has obtained clearance to deliver its made-for-export multipurpose Golden Eagle unmanned helicopter system.

“CR500 Golden Eagle unmanned helicopter system recently passed final inspections for delivery” Global times quoted a statement released by NORINCO. The statement did not reveal the recipient or other potential clients.

 The CR500 Golden Eagle is a coaxial rotor helicopter drone designed for multiple missions including battlefield reconnaissance, target positioning and illuminating, communication relay and battle damage assessment.

“The drone can carry a large payload, has a long endurance even when fully loaded, and a compact structure that can be easily stored and transported. It can also resist strong winds, carry different types of electro-optical pods and payloads, and act as a logistics support craft and deliver materials with pinpoint accuracy,” NORINCO stated in their statement.

The company also stated that the unmanned helicopter also has potential for civilian use, including power grid and pipeline inspection, geological surveys, fire safety in forests and grasslands and emergency rescue.

“This type of helicopter drone can operate with tanks, infantry fighting vehicles and self-propelled artilleries, as it will greatly expand their situational awareness by letting them know where the enemies are and guide them to attack” Global times quoted a military expert as saying.

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