Rostec’s New Parachute to Allow Safe Landing of Personnel from 150m at Aircraft Speed of 180kmph

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  • 06:34 AM, October 29, 2021
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Rostec’s New Parachute to Allow Safe Landing of Personnel from 150m at Aircraft Speed of 180kmph

A new parachute system, Cadet-75, developed by Rostec-subsidiary Tekhnodinamika Holding will allow the landing of military personnel from the height of at least 150m when the aircraft is flying at a speed of 180kmph.

Cadet-75 successfully passed flight design tests at the airfields of the Ivanovo and Belgorod regions, Rostec said in a statement.

It is a training parachute system with a round canopy, which provides step-by-step training in the skills of separation from the aircraft and the skills of free fall with the transition to manual opening of the parachute. It is suitable for landing at an aircraft speed of 80-280kmph from altitudes up to 4000m with a total flight weight of up to 120kg. The parachute has an increased stability of the canopy, while it allows you to complete a full turn in no more than 12 seconds. The average value of the vertical rate of descent in a section of 30–35m from the ground is no more than 5m/s.

The Cadet-75 parachute system has confirmed the minimum safe altitude of 150m at an aircraft speed of 180kmph. The descent time on a fully filled main parachute was at least 10 seconds. The development is successfully undergoing flight design tests, and we will complete them by the end of the year,” explained Igor Nasenkov, General Director of the Tekhnodinamika holding.

The line of "Cadets" developed by the Ivanovo Parachute Plant "Polet" includes three parachute systems with a round canopy. In addition to Cadet-75, these are Cadet-100 and Cadet-100D, designed not only for training, but also combat jumps, which can be performed with full service weapons and equipment.

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