Chinese Soldiers in Tibet Get New Tactical Vests

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  • 07:58 AM, November 5, 2021
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Chinese Soldiers in Tibet Get New Tactical Vests
Chinese military's new tactical vest.

The Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) Xinjiang Military Command who carried out training on the snow-capped plateau at the elevation of 5,300m have recently received the new type of tactical vests.

The command is stationed close to the border with India. The two countries recently failed to reach an agreement during the 13th round of corps commander-level talks over issues related to the western section of the China-India border.

The new vest covers the torso region of the body, featuring design, structure, material and manufacturing process, as well as a major improvement over previous products in terms of portability, fire resistance and intensity, the Chinese military reported Thursday.

Chinese Soldiers in Tibet Get New Tactical Vests

It is learnt that the new vest is designed in strict accordance with the requirements of patrol and sentry duty so as to meet the actual needs of training and combat readiness on the plateau. The materials used for the vest can resist strong wind and keep the soldiers warm in freezing conditions, and the embedded quick-slip device enables the soldiers to quickly escape from danger at critical moments.

The vest is also able to carry information, operational and other supportive devices in a modular approach according to different needs.

Major Li Xiaoliang, deputy political instructor of the brigade under the PLA Xinjiang Military Command, said that the new tactical vest, designed to suit the training requirements and local conditions on the plateau, is very practical.

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