ITT develops sealed, miniature, lightweight connectors for modern and future soldier applications

  • 12:00 AM, September 8, 2009
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ITT develops sealed, miniature, lightweight connectors for modern and future soldier applications
ITT Interconnect Solutions, a leading global manufacturer and supplier of connectors, interconnects, and cable assemblies, has developed a new series of sealed, miniature, lightweight connectors to meet the demands of modern and “future soldier” applications. Designated Nemesis WT, the connectors meet all MIL-DTL-38999 specifications. “The future dismounted soldier sector is increasingly using advanced technology to equip its infantry, and sophisticated command, control, communications, computer and intelligence (C41) systems are being deployed that require interconnection,” said Keith Teichmann, director of marketing for ITT Interconnect Solutions. “Fully sealed in the unmated state (water tight to over 20m) and weighing less than 25g, which is critical for on-soldier applications, our new Nemesis connectors are ideal for such use”. It is also critical, for both future soldier and portable medical applications, for the connector to continually function in all environments and climates. Being able to clean an interconnect system is a must. The Super Clean (SC) version of the Nemesis connector solves this problem by means of a pull back barrel that allows the user to clean the connector and return to full operational functionality in seconds. ITT’s sealed, lightweight, miniature connectors for military applications:. Utilizing ITT Interconnect Solutions’ proven micro twist pin gold plated contacts, Nemesis WT connectors are blind mateable and feature ITT’s innovative Pogo Pin/Pad and Breakaway technologies, which are designed to increase the maximum number of mating cycles possible while also enabling the connectors to be cleaned in the field. The Nemesis connectors complement ITT’s recently launched Trinity Series miniature connectors targeted at rugged applications. In addition to the current designs, a full range of circular and rectangular versions of the Nemesis connectors are also in development. The Nemesis connectors are also resistant to salt spray for more than 500 hours, measure less than 15mm in diameter, and have an anti-reflecting coat. Maximum current rating for the Nemesis WT connectors is 3A and voltage rating is 200VAC RMS at sea level. Minimum insulation resistance is 5000MΩ, and maximum contact resistance is 8mΩ. Operating temperature ranges from -40°C to +100°C. Life span is to 2500 cycles.
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