Patria wins orders for Nemo Mortar LAV II vehicles from U.S

  • 12:00 AM, September 3, 2010
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Patria Nemo 120 mm mortar system has been selected as weaponry for LAV II vehicles delivered by General Dynamics Land Systems - Canada as an FMS project by the US Government. Patria and Mecar S.A. from Belgium have signed a Memorandum of Understanding for an undisclosed number of Patria Nemo systems. Patria is the global market leader in turreted mortar systems. Patria Nemo is a 120 mm remote controlled mortar turret, offering excellent signature management and ballistic protection as well as providing both direct and indirect fire support. Patria Nemo system has been earlier selected by the Slovenian Armed Forces and the United Arab Emirates Navy.
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