Dassault’s MMRCA Triumph Means Big Bucks For Thales

  • 12:00 AM, February 3, 2012
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Dassault’s MMRCA feat means big for Thales Avionics, which equips the Rafale combat aircraft with the Thales RBE2 radar and other systems. Meaning Thales will account for approximately one third of the total value of each of the 126 aircrafts that is supplied to India as part of the MMRCA deal. Last year, Thales announced that it is currently working on an RBE2 active electronically scanned array (AESA) variant that has been validated on the Rafale Aircraft. This announcement followed a three-month flight test program with an RBE2 AESA- equipped Rafale. During the test program, Dassault Aviation confirmed that all aspects of the radar's performance complied with the technical specifications of the French defense procurement agency (DGA). Besides Thales, the Spectra electronic warfare system for the Rafale provides identification, location, jamming, and decoying against an extensive range of electromagnetic, infra-red, and laser threats. Thales is the prime producer and integrator of Spectra. Thales also manufacturers the Damocles multi-function targeting pod. Damocles gives the Rafale day and night, all-weather, laser-guided weapon capabilities. According to Thales, Damocles' powerful laser and high resolution imagery provide the aircraft with a long stand- off range and tactical ground and air defense system survivability.
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