12:00 AM, May 22, 2012
Russia has announced that its Air Force will take delivery of at least 30 Ansat trainer helicopters by 2020. "The Sokol aerodrome at the Syzransky Flight Training School will get six Ansat- U helicopters this year, and over 30 by 2020," the service's spokesman Col. Vladimir Drik said on Tuesday. “The base is already converting to the type and starting instructor training”. Developed by Kazan Helicopters, the Ansat is designed as a utility and training helicopter to replace the ageing Mil Mi-2. With dual avionics and controls, the U-variant has seats for six students, who can take turns at flying with the instructor and can also be configured with varying levels of control difficulty for training, and has an electronic engine management system to allow pilots to practice coping with engine failures.