Fibrotex Develops Next Generation Camouflage System

  • 12:00 AM, June 5, 2012
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Fibrotex Develops Next Generation Camouflage System
Armies and security forces can now rely on next generation deception systems. At Eurosatory, June 11-15, Israeli-based Fibrotex Technologies will introduce an advanced static and mobile camouflage and deception systems in the form of FIGHTEX. A smart and two sided combat uniform that was developed in collaboration with special units of the Israeli Defense Forces. After an in-depth study based on recent conflicts, the duo combined knowledge from the extreme sports domain together with their expertise in the area of smart textile and camouflage fabrics, the company developed advanced materials that are extremely breathable and ergonomic - qualities that have proven critical during intense operations in extreme weather conditions. Designed for maximum operational capabilities and comfort level, FIGHTEX uniforms, protect knees and elbows allowing activities like crawling and bending to become easier. The lightweight and fire retardant uniforms are also exceptionally durable. With reversible fabrics printed on both sides, each with a different design to ensure survivability, enabling the adjustment of uniforms to any type of environment. Amir Kozlovski, CEO of Fibrotex, said, "We are pleased to introduce FIGHTEX, a new generation of combat uniforms, the result of an extensive R&D process accomplished together with the Israel Defense Forces (IDF). These new uniforms contribute to the success of the mission due to unique properties that increase soldiers' comfort and ease of movement. Their camouflaging capabilities in the Visual as well as in the Infra Red range also safeguard soldiers' lives in hostile territories. In addition to the IDF, we see strong interest in these uniforms among a number of other armed forces around the world." Fibrotex is also showcasing the Multi-Spectral Camouflage Signature Management System at Eurosatory. The Camouflage System is lightweight, easy-to-handle and covers all known sensors within the electromagnetic spectrum – UV, Visual, Near IR, Thermal, and Radar.
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