12:00 AM, June 5, 2012
IWI Introduces New Grenade Launcher Compatible With Assault Rifles
The Israel Weapon Industries (IWI), maker of the world renowned Uzi sub-machine guns, will introduce its new family of grenade launchers, the IWI GL40, compatible with all types of assault rifles at Eurosatory 2012. Developed using lightweight materials, the GL40 is easy to assemble and operate, and offers a stand-alone option that enables firing separately from the weapon. The IWI GL 40 Grenade Launcher, developed in cooperation with the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), weighs only 1.400 kg and is a single-shot 40x46mm launcher. The GL 40 is designed for low and medium velocity (longer than usual range) rounds. Not only is it rugged, it is also cost-effective, reliable, and safe. Safety features include a disconnector that prevents firing when the barrel is shut down with the pressed trigger. There is also a safety catch outside the trigger guard. Enhanced ergonomics include a specially-designed handle grip. A reinforced barrel muzzle prevents damage to the weapon. Uri Amit, IWI's CEO, "We are pleased to announce the expansion of our product lines and the addition of our new family of grenade launchers at Eurosatory. We continuously develop new products, using the most advanced technologies, in order to provide our customers with solutions to meet all their small arms needs. Our new grenade launchers are the result of conclusions drawn from existing launchers - and the needs that arose from the field for a launcher that was easy to use and disassemble by the individual soldier, lightweight, and high performance - ensuring highly accurate firing. We will soon complete the development of additional launchers".