UK’s Sea Viper Weapon Systems Blow Target Out Of Sky During Live Firing Test

  • 12:00 AM, July 18, 2012
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The HMS Dragon has tested the Sea Viper weapon system which successfully knocked out a target out of the sky at the Outer Hebrides missile range off Scotland. The Type-45 destroyer eliminated an Aster missile at three times the speed of sound during a live firing exercise which took place on the Outer Hebrides missile range last week. The 7,500-tonne ship is all set for an intense work up before she is declared ready for operations and deployed next year. HMS Dragon’s Operations Officer, Lieutenant Commander Duncan MacRae RN, said, “This was a great demonstration of the capability of a Type 45 and a reassurance of system performance. I have been involved in a couple of missile shoots but this one was by far and away the most rewarding as I was in the hot seat giving the order to engage”. The highly sophisticated Sea Viper missile system has a range of 200 miles and is so powerful that it is able to fend off multiple and simultaneous attacks at supersonic speeds. It forms a protective “bubble” around the ship herself, the task force as a whole, and any forces ashore within her range. Launched on 17 November 2008, HMS Dragon is the fourth of the Navy’s six £1bn Type 45 destroyers. They can fulfill a range of roles, from war-fighting to diplomatic visits designed to promote British interests abroad.
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