Cobham’s On-Board Inert Gas Generating System For USAF’s KC-46A Tanker Aircraft

  • 12:00 AM, August 3, 2012
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Cobham’s On-Board Inert Gas Generating System For USAF’s KC-46A Tanker Aircraft
Boeing has selected Cobham to provide On-Board Inert Gas Generating System (OBIGGS) equipment for use on the US Air Force’s new KC-46A Tanker Aircraft. Cobham will provide the Air Separation Modules, ozone filter and sensor sub-system for the OBIGGS which fulfils a critical aircraft safety system role by displacing fuel tank vapours with inert nitrogen gas, reducing the risk of explosion. The US Air Force plans to initially acquire 179 KC-46A tanker aircraft from Boeing, each of which will carry Cobham-supplied OBIGGS equipment. Work will take place at Cobham Life Support’s centre of excellence in Davenport, Iowa. “Cobham’s proven experience on military programmes provides Boeing with a high performance product with low technical risk to ensure the best overall value,” said Kelly Coffield, president of Cobham Life Support. "Cobham is the world-wide leader in military OBIGGS providing solutions since 1985 on more than 3,000 aircraft flying today, ranging from military transport aircraft and helicopters, to regional and commercial platforms such as the B787, with more than five million flight hours total experience. Cobham’s qualified staff can tailor the modular range of proven OBIGGS to fit a wide range of applications”.
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