12:00 AM, October 10, 2012
Russian Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov on Wednesday announced that India will begin production of an export variant of the Sukhoi's T-50 stealth fighter from 2020, while on a state visit to New Delhi. "The technical characteristics have been confirmed to our (Russia and India) defense ministries. We propose serial production of the plane should start by 2020," he said, following the meeting of an Indian-Russian intergovernmental commission. Currently undergoing flight tests by the Russian Air Force, the T-50 is a prototype of a multirole stealth fighter jet which will an electronically-scanned active-array radar, super cruise capability, high maneuverability and low radar and infrared signatures. According to aircraft-maker Sukhoi, the jet will perform significantly better performance than the US-designed Lockheed F-22 Raptor. Serdyukov added that he hopes the two countries will to sign a deal by the end of this year for an additional batch of 42 Sukhoi Su-30MKI fighter aircraft. "Russia has presented India with a contract for delivery of another 42 Su-30MKI aircraft. I hope it will be signed by year-end," he said. The new Su-30MKI will have modified electronic warfare systems, an advanced active electronically-scanned array radar system and the ability to fire the land-attack variant of the BrahMos Russian-Indian supersonic cruise missile.
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