British Army To Fight Taliban Using “Game-Changing” Drone

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  • 07:30 AM, February 5, 2013
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British Army To Fight Taliban Using “Game-Changing” Drone

The British Army has revealed a drone, codenamed Black Hornet, and just eight inches long with three cameras hidden inside its nose and still manages to weigh less than 15 grams, or half an ounce.

The “game-changing” drone has a smooth grey body and twin black rotors, stays airborne thanks to a small rechargeable battery, the Daily Mail reported.

The device, officially known as the Proxdynamics PD-100 Personal Reconnaissance System, is a joint UK-Norwegian venture and was passed fit for service in Afghanistan after extensive field trials in Cyprus last year.

Soldiers can either pilot it directly or programme it to fly to a given set of co-ordinates on the battlefield using GPS, then return to base after spying on enemy positions.

The 'recce' soldiers, who operate the tiny drone from a safe distance, and their commander, Major Adam Foden, explained how they had used Black Hornet with great success on recent missions into Taliban territory.

Major Foden said, “Now we are deploying Black Hornet to look inside compounds and to clear a route through enemy-held spaces. It has worked very well and the pictures it delivers back to the monitor are really clear. And Black Hornet is so small and quiet that the locals can’t see or hear it," he said.

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