Our Bureau
09:07 AM, June 25, 2013

Krauss Maffei Wegmann (KMW) on Monday handed over the 1,000th DINGO type vehicle to Germany.

The handover sets a milestone in the 13 years of the DINGO history. It began with the concept of a "general protection transport vehicle" (ATF), based on a militarized Unimog chassis, which started after the  German army had identified the need of a new generation of protected wheeled vehicles for the successful implementation of their mandates, following their first UN-missions in 1994/95.

In 2000, the first DINGO 1 was delivered to the German KFOR contingent in Kosovo and Macedonia. Shortly after, the DINGO rescued the life of a crew which drove over an anti-tank mine.

In the following years the DINGO acquired the reputation as the safest and best protected wheeled vehicle in its class: to this day no soldier lost his life in a DINGO. Next to its first-class protection and mobility characteristics, the strength of the DINGO lies in the adaptability to various mission profiles. In total 16 DINGO variants were delivered till now, the current series DINGO  2 is  operating successfully in six nations.