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01:38 PM, September 12, 2013

Kelvin Hughes, a supplier of navigation and surveillance systems will be showcasing SharpEye SCV (Small Craft Variant) with a SeaCross Marine display option at the DSEi 2013 show.

The SharpEye SCV radome has a flexible interface making it possible for the core high performance element of the radar system, the transceiver, to interface with other radar displays. The company offers a SeaCross Marine 15” or 12” fully waterproof and ruggedised console display with a state-of-the-art solid state ruggedised processor.

A key feature of the technology is the use of pulse compression and Doppler processing to provide superior target detection.  The solid state electronics design requires no routine maintenance and, unlike most small boat radars, has no components that degrade with time i.e. a magnetron – so high performance is maintained throughout the long life of the unit.

Another advantage of the SharpEye technology is the low peak power of the transmission – up to 80W –compared to anything up to 10kW from an equivalent magnetron radar. This low power, coupled with a precise use of frequency, makes it very difficult for ESM equipment to detect the transmission. The user can also select individual transmit frequencies, power modes and configure azimuth sector blanking to further improve the covert characteristics of the device.

Kelvin Hughes is working with SeaCross Marine AB – another navigation specialist – to provide further surveillance solutions for small boats. The SharpEye radar is able to detect the smallest of targets in clutter; targets moving at speed that could be described as agile; and asymmetric threats.

SeaCross has developed a customisable display specially designed for high-speed navigation in littoral and coastal waters. The display and software solution for small boats has numerous special features, notably night vision operation, which allows the user to engage the system in dark conditions.

Russell Gould, Chief Executive of Kelvin Hughes, said: “The SVC small boat radar is a very special piece of equipment. Incorporating many of the elements of the SharpEye™ system used on naval platforms. The all-weather radome X-Band radar will, for the first time, bring professional radar performance to the smaller vessel and significantly increase the capability of police and patrol boats, which often need to detect small targets at greater ranges or in adverse weather conditions.” Until now, maritime law enforcement, military and naval users, have had to use leisure boat radars in the absence of a professional radar alternative.  

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