Israeli Navy To Get New Mk 3 Fast Patrol Boats

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  • 01:40 PM, September 30, 2013
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Israel Aerospace Industries' (IAI) has won a contract to supply three Super Dvora Mk 3 fast patrol boats to the Israeli Navy. 

The Super Dvora Mk 3, an advanced development of the Ramta Division, is a mainstay of the Israeli Navy’s ongoing security activities. The boat is used for patrol, and other operations, protection of Israel's coasts and strategic assets at sea and along all of its coasts, prevention of terrorist activities and infiltration, as well as preventing smuggling and all illegal activity in Israel's Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) and more. 

The boats, to be provided to the Israel Navy represent the fourth generation of boats of this type, and were developed in close cooperation between IAI and the Israel Navy using lessons learned operationally. The boats include an advanced propulsion system to allow sharp and quick maneuvering as well as unique speed tailored to various modern threats and are equipped with a variety of combat, detection, defense and attack capabilities. The Super Dvoras incorporate these features in their relatively small dimensions, while maintaining operational flexibility, the crew's safety and survivability of the vessel. 

IAI's president & CEO Joseph Weiss said: "IAI's commitment to the Israel Navy is amongst the deepest of Israeli and international defense industries. We feel great pride and a sense of mission by being given the opportunity to contribute to the safety of Israel. Signing this contract strengthens and establishes IAI's position with the world's leading companies in the design and manufacture of vessels for missions which require strong operational capabilities as well as uncompromising reliability." 

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