Our Bureau
02:23 PM, October 9, 2013

Singapore is planning to buy 6 AN/TPQ-53 Counterfire Target Acquisition Radar Systems for an estimated cost of $179 million with Lockheed Martin as a principal contractor.

Singapore has requested the sale of 6 AN/TPQ-53 (V) Counterfire Target Acquisition Radar Systems with 120 degree sector scan capability, software support, support equipment, simulator, generators, power units, personnel training and training equipment. The estimated cost is $179 million. 

The Government of Singapore intends to use these radar systems to modernize its armed forces. The purchase of these target acquisition radars will enhance the Singapore Army’s foundational defense capability. The radars will reduce the vulnerability of forces to indirect fire attacks and provide them with the information necessary to respond to such attacks. The proposed sale provides the Government of Singapore with assets vital to protect and deter potential threats. Singapore will have no difficulty absorbing this equipment into its armed forces.