Our Bureau
01:52 PM, October 23, 2013

Raytheon BBN Technologies has adapted its life-saving Boomerang shooter detection technology to protect helicopter crews, the company announced today.

Helicopters are highly susceptible to sniper attacks because of their low-altitude flight paths and hovering requirements in theater. However, developing a shooter detection system for helicopters is a very complex problem because of the extreme noise and heavy vibration involved, the statement said.

Boomerang Air overcomes this challenge by incorporating BBN's proven computer-based signal processing, adapted for the rotary-wing environment, and auditory and visual indications to detect and report relative shooter azimuth and elevation information. 

"Helicopters are inherently vulnerable, but they also have the ability to maneuver quickly and aggressively when fire is detected," said David Schmitt, director of Boomerang Products at Raytheon BBN Technologies. "Boomerang Air immediately gives crews the information they need to move out of harm's way and successfully complete their mission." 

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