EADS Defence & Security Continues Its UAV Successes in France

  • (Source: EADS)
  • 12:00 AM, July 11, 2008
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The French defence procurement agency (DGA) has ordered 35 additional DRAC mini-UAV close-range reconnaissance systems for the French Armed Forces from EADS Defence & Security (DS).The new orders were notified on 30 June, after delivering 25 Drac systems to DGA.>> Operator training which was completed at the end of June, will enable the French Armed Forces to deploy the 25 operational DRAC systems in a very short term. Even though the DRAC technology is extremely advanced, the system is very simple to use, which will enable it to be brought into service with the Armed Forces in a fast and cost-efficient manner.>> DRAC is based on the TRACKER system, developed in partnership between EADS Defence & Security (DS) and SurveyCopter, which is providing the aerial vehicle and the cameras. DS has specially developed a ground station as well as a high-speed secure data link, which gives the system a genuine long-range capability, even in severe weather conditions. The DRAC system consists of two UAVs equipped with payloads, a compact two-unit ground station and an automatic tracking antenna. It can be packed into two personal rucksacks, thus allowing entirely autonomous missions. TRACKER is one of the mini-UAV systems that offers the best performance available on the market.>> Following its industrial qualification achieved in 2007, the DRAC system has received the airworthiness certificate of the French authorities, recognised as one of the most demanding in the world. Numerous foreign customers have already expressed a strong interest in this system and a number of export systems have been delivered recently.