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11:51 AM, December 14, 2013

MKU is participating in the MSME Defexpo 2013 to explore opportunities in the Indian market for sales and partnerships.

MKU booth showcases body armour solutions which was witnessed by Sh K.H. Muniyappa, Honorable Minister of State For MSME.

MKU has showcased its patented Instavest state of the art single action quick release bullet proof jacket which can be dismantled within a second. Also showcased were its concealed vest, JCO which can be worn by VVIP’s and politicians for protection under their clothes. At just 1.5 kgs the vest vest offers protection against 9mm ammunition. Additional protection from assault rifles , like AK47, can be provided by adding hard armour plates, which are also manufactured by MKU, inside neatly concealed pockets.

Other products which were showcased by MKU included JFL 1A Floatation jacket that can offer ballistic protection while the soldier can remain afloat in water, the jacket can take the weight of a 80 kg person; The Boltfree helmet, another MKU patented product using No Hole-No Bolt technology offers uniform 360o head protection to soldiers, CVC-C2 Communications helmet offers excellent head protection and unhindered communication in noisy environments. Helmets showcased are compatible with a host of add on devices and easily mountable kits for night vision devices and masks which are required by soldiers in a host war theatre scenarios.

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