Russia To Upgrade Pantsir-S Missile Systems

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  • 04:57 AM, December 19, 2013
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Russia To Upgrade Pantsir-S Missile Systems

Russia is upgrading its short-range Pantsir-S air defense systems with an improved capability to intercept unmanned aerial vehicles, a Defense Ministry official was quoted as saying by RIA Novosti.

“The modernization of these unique systems aimed at increasing their effectiveness against UAVs has already started,” Col. Igor Klimov said.

The modernized Pantsir-S systems will also be adapted for deployment in harsh climate conditions of the Arctic, the official said.

“The extensive modernization program will be completed by 2015, and the Russian military will start receiving the new Pantsir-SM systems,” Klimov added.

Pantsir-S (SA-22 Greyhound) is a gun-missile system combining a wheeled vehicle mounting a fire-control radar and electro-optical sensor, two 30-mm cannon and up to 12 57E6 radio-command guided short-range missiles, and is designed to engage a variety of low-altitude, highly maneuverable targets.

About 50 Pantsir-S systems are currently in service with the Russian air force, according to the report.

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