Dassault Disappointed With Brazil F-X2 Decision

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  • 11:45 AM, December 20, 2013
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Dassault Disappointed With Brazil F-X2 Decision

The Brazilian Armed Forces' decision to buy Saab Gripen jets for their F-X2 program has deeply disappointed Dassault, who have been working for over past 15 years in Brazil to promote the Mirage 2000 for the FX Call for Tender, and now Rafale.

They were driven by a determination to cooperate over the long term with the Brazilian industry, especially with EMBRAER, the company issued a statement.

Unbridled technology transfers and scientific, technical and industrial partnerships demanded by Brazil featured among the powerful arguments in favor of the RAFALE International Consortium proposal, which enjoyed the full backing of the French authorities.

"We regret that the choice has gone in favor of the Gripen, an aircraft provided with many items of equipment of third party origin, especially U.S., and that does not belong to the same category as the Rafale," the company officials said in a statement.

"The Gripen is a lighter, single-engine aircraft that does not match the Rafale in terms of performance and therefore does not carry the same price tag. This financial rationale fails to take into account either the Rafale’s cost-effectiveness or the level of technology offered," the officials added.

The F-X2 selection accounts for Gripen's second major success after Thailand. Switzerland has also selected Gripen as a future fighter jet, with a referendum on the procurement is expected in 2014.

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