Cat and Mouse Game with Hypersonic Missiles

  • By Our Bureau
  • 11:17 AM, June 2, 2020
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Hypersonic missiles are the next step in the evolution of missiles. Their speed (Mach 7 on average) is touted as the decisive factor in giving them an edge over air defence systems.

Russia was the first to announce hypersonic missiles. President Putin made the disclosure speaking at a meeting with the Russian military’s top brass in December 2019.

It took only a few months for the US President Donald Trump to announce his country’s race to produce hypersonic missiles; Donald Trump said the US was developing a 'super-duper missile' to outpace its military adversaries.

However, while missile manufacturers are increasing projectile speed to hypersonic levels, Radar manufacturers are developing innovative detecting systems to expose hypersonic missiles so that they can be taken out by anti-missile systems. takes a look at some of the latest developments in hypersonic missiles and radars to detect them.