Indian MoD to Buy BMP Infantry Combat Vehicles worth $173.5 Million

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The Indian MoD has approved the procurement of Infantry Combat Vehicle (BMPs-2/2k) worth INR 1125 Crore (USD 173.5 million) from the Indian Factory Board (IFB).

The Defence Acquisition Council (DAC) gave the go-ahead to the procurement of an unspecified number of vehicles for the army’s infantry corps yesterday.

The BMP 2/2K combat vehicles are produced by the OFB under licence from the Russian firm Boyevaya Mashina Pekhoty.

The BMP-2/K is the command variant fitted with two whip antennas, one IFF antenna and a support for a telescopic mast in the front of the IFF antenna. The radio equipment consists ether of the R-123M and R-130M radio sets, or the more modern R-173, R-126 and R-10. The crew consists of six men.